Safetrend's Building Managment Unit (BMU) systems are custom made to suit individual building design and structurally designed with the newest calculation programs. All of our machines are CE approved and are manufactured in accordance with European Standard EN1808 incorporating counterweighted designs to ensure complete safety and stability in all working conditions. From design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, Safetrend provides full end to end access solutions.



One of the biggest advantages of temporary gondola system or suspended scaffolding, is its mobility. The convenience of relocating a system to another location — sometimes for an entirely different purpose. From infrastructure and elevators, to offshore utilities and wind energy markets, Safetrend's temporary suspended access platforms and scaffolding equipment provide safe, productive solutions. Safetrend provides rental and sales of the suspended scaffolding. Contact us to arrange a site visit for a non-obligation consult for a detailed explanation of our full line of suspended scaffold solutions that puts professionals to work at height safely and reliably.


Safetrend has procedures that are developed for inspecting and maintaining the scaffold and scaffolding to ensure the scaffold is safe to use and remains in a safe condition by our competent person.  If any affected components are detected they should be repaired or disposed of and replaced as required. We provide service and maintenance for all types of BMU machine meet the high requirements set out in the manufacturer’s or designer’s specifications or relevant technical standards. We advise the scaffolding should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure the continued structural integrity of an erected scaffold.


Safetrend with over 30 years of expertise and experience to design, innovate, manufacture, supply and install building management units for all types of structures and buildings. We provide the most complete and safest form of suspended Building Access System. Access systems such as aluminium gantry, ladder system, scissor and cherry pickers are part of our specialities.

Professionals working at heights are always susceptible to the danger of falling down. As safety is our priority, we feel the need to protect the professionals using our equipments at all times. It is the responsibility of the contractor's management and building owners to ensure that a suitable safety system is available at all times for the workers. As a company with a complete solution for BMU, Safetrend provides safety accessories which are of high quality and trusworthy such as safety line and safety harness.

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